85 P Variety Availability

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Sorted by Rarity, BASED on my personal opinion only from an exhaustive die study, this grouping is not reflective of values
only the difficulty of locating a specific variety.
This page is solely my opinion and NOT official.
Group A is extremely difficult to locate
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1I Die Gouges PLURIBUS
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1J Die Break U
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1O Die Break S-U
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9A Far Date, Clashed Obverse n, st, Reverse M
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9B Far Date, Clashed Obverse n & st, Reverse M
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-12 Doubled 5
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-13 Doubled 5
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-14 Doubled 5 Top Line, Thread Impression
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-14A Doubles 5 Top Line, Thread Impression, Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-15 Doubled 18-5
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-26A Clashed Obverse T, Clashed Reverse M, Quadrupled Reverse Legend
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-27A Tripled Ear Bottom, Extra Star Point
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-29 High Dash Set Left Under 8, Far Date
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-32 885 in Denticles, Thread Impression, Polished Eagle
Group B Somewhat Difficult
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1D Banded Wing Tip
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ER
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1F Clashed Obverse n, Reverse M
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1K Weak Clashed n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1L Die Break E
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-6 Doubled Date, 85 in Denticles
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-7 Low Dash Under 8, Quadrupled Reverse Legend
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-23 Doubled 5 Lower Inside, Far Date
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-23A Doubled 5 Lower Inside, Far Date, Clashed Obverse n, ust & e
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-23B Doubled 5 Lower Inside, Far Date, Clashed Obverse n, ust & e, Die Break 6-7 Left Stars
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-24 Alligator Eye
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-24A Alligator Eye, Clashed Obv n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-26 Quadrupled Reverse Legend
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-31 Doubled 85 Bottom, Far Date (Proofs exist)
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-34 Faint Low Dash Below 8
group C difficult
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-10 Doubled 5
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-11 Tripled 5
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-18 High Dash Under 8
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-20 Low Dash Set Right
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-21 Doubled Arrow Feathers & Reverse Legend
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-22 Thick Dash Under 8, Doubled Arrow Feathers
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-25 Doubled Ear
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-25A Doubled Ear, Clashed Obv n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-25B Doubled Ear, Clashed Obv n, Gouged Neck
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-28 Possible 8 in Denticles, Far Date
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-33 Far Date, Faint Dash Below 8, Thread Impression
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-33A Far Date, Faint Dash Below 8, Thread Impression, Clashed n
Group D not difficult
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1A1 Pitted Reverse (Hot 50)
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1A2 Pitted Reverse, Clashed Obverse n & t, Reverse M (Hot 50)
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1B Pitted Reverse (Hot 50)
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1C Pitted Reverse (Hot 50)
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-4B Low Dash Under 8, Die Scratch Star
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-5 Far Date, Doubled 85
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-5A Far Date, Doubled 85, Clashed Obverse n
Group E easily located
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9D Far Date, Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9G Far Date, Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-17 Slanted Date
Group F falling from trees
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1G Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1 Normal Die (LDS coins have fairly significant die cracks)
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-2 Doubled 5
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-3 High Dash Under 8
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-4 Low Dash Under 8
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-4A Low Dash Under 8, Clashed Obverse n & ust, Reverse M
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9 Far Date
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9C Far Date, Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9E Far Date, Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-16 Doubled First 8
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-19 Doubled First 8
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-27 Tripled Ear Bottom
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-30 Doubled Inner Wing Feathers
Not listed
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1N Clashed Obverse t, Clashed Reverse M Duplicate listing of V26A
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1P Threadlike Die Impression Wing Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2015*
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-8 Thick Dash Under 8 (Became VAM-22)
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1885-P VAM-29A High Dash Set Left Under 8, Far Date, Die Chip Jaw duplicate listing same as VAM 29
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-35 Doubled Ear Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2015*
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-36 Doubled 1, Slanted Date Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2015*
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-37 Far Date, Dash Under 8Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2015*
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-37A Far Date, Dash Under 8,Clashed Obverse G, Clashed Reverse MFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2015*
Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-38 Doubled 5 Top (Proof) Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2015*
SB 18 logo.png

Revisiting the Universal Rarity Scale

By Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

The Universal Rarity Scale is mathematically sound in its progression and relationship among its divisions and is applicable to any series. Stated simply, it is a geometric progression of numbers, rounded off for convenience in use, with each category containing about twice as many members as the preceding category. The proposed Universal Rarity Scale uses a simple geometric progression of numbers, as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. (see the rightmost of each number pair):
Universal Rarity Scale-0 = None known
URS-1 = 1 known, uniqueURS-2 = 2 knownURS-3 = 3 or 4URS-4 = 5 to 8URS-5 = 9 to 16URS-6 = 17 to 32URS-7 = 33 to 64URS-8 = 65 to 124URS-9 = 125 to 249URS-10 = 250 to 499URS-11 = 500 to 999URS-12 = 1,000 to 1,999URS-13 = 2,000 to 3,999URS-14 = 4,000 to 7,999URS-15 = 8,000 to 15,999URS-16 = 16,000 to 31,999URS-17 = 32,000 to 64,999URS-18 = 65,000 to 124,999URS-19 = 125,000 to 249,999URS-20 = 250,000 to 499,999URS-21 = 500,000 to 999,999URS-22 = 1,000,000 to 1,999,999URS-23 = 2,000,000 to 3,999,999URS-24 = 4,000,000 to 7,999,999URS-25 = 8,000,000 to 15,999,999URS-26> = same progression