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Facts about the 1885 P Series or 1885 P Die Study Page

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One and Done (O_D) for 1885 P Listing
Note: only 12 of the current 78 listings can be perceived currently as One and Done Varieties for this series.
please verify the other features on the appropriate page. as of 2016 these varieties do not share a obverse or specific reverse dies with any other varieties in the series. but several share the specific C3a reverse class.
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85 P O_D Pitted Varieties

  1. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1A1 Pitted Reverse
  2. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1A2 Pitted Reverse, Clashed Obverse n & t, Reverse M
  3. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1B Pitted Reverse
  4. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1C Pitted Reverse

85 P O_D Gouged Varieties

  1. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1D Banded Wing Tip (Eagles Left Wing to Rim)

85 P O_D Die Break Varieties

  1. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1E Die Chip ER (ER of America)
  2. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1J Die Break U (U of PLURIBUS)
  3. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1L Die Break E (E of E PLURIBUS)
  4. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-1O Die Break S-U (Right Text Stop)
  5. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9E Far Date, Clashed Obverse n (1 in Date)
  6. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-9G Far Date, Clashed Obverse n '(5 to hair, Wreath to L)'
  7. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-14 Doubled 5 Top Line, Thread Impression (Reverse O of Dollar to Wreath)

85 P O_D Doubled Date Varieties

  1. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-6 Doubled Date, 85 in Denticles (Date)

85 P O_D Thread Like Varieties

  1. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-14 Doubled 5 Top Line, Thread Impression (Phrygian Cap)
  2. Camera.jpg1885-P VAM-32 885 in Denticles, Thread Impression, Polished Eagle (Ear)