78 S V36 series Progression

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General Notes about the die Progression
36 (revised) II1-B2x (Engraved Wing Feather) (184) I-5 R-5
Obverse II1 - Die 1 - Two raised dots inside ear. Fourth right star broken. Slight doubling of lower serif of B in PLURIBUS and front of Liberty band.
Die 3 - Fourth right star broken. Doubled B lower loop on right inside and bottom. P has bulge at top right outside. Long polishing line at jaw-neck junction.
Reverse B2x - Feather engraved between eagle's right wing and leg. Portions of feathers acid treated with raised areas in center of both wings, next to body on eagle's left wing and on upper tail feathers. R in TRUST broken. Most extensive touch-up engraving of any Morgan Dollar working die.
1- There are 2 known Die Pairs that make up the VAM-36 listing Die #1 and Die #3
2- The 1878-S VAM-36B is the Late Die State with an obverse radial die break.
Die #1- Note: The VAM 36 Die #1 Without Radial Die Break represents the original die pair reported.
1878 S VAM-36 D1 Photo Gallery
Die #2- Note: is 1878-S VAM-36A If you have a small diagonal die gouge from top of left wheat leaf thru left wheat grain stalk you have a Die #2,
Which is VAM-36A (Die #2) is Scarce to Rare (less than a dozen reported)
Die #3 (V48) - Note: This marriage is the first/initial pairing for the VAM 36 reverse. The obverse die has been identified as the 1878-S VAM-48 and the Die #3, more than likely, was the first use of the VAM-48 obverse die as well.
1878 S VAM-36 D3 Photo Gallery
Die #4- Note: is 1878-S VAM-113
The rarity scale for the 4 marriages of the VAM 36 has been determined to be (as of March 2014):
Die #1 (in all die states) seems to be the easiest of the series to locate, probably being the longest use of a particular marriage.
Die #1 is "Un-Common"
VAM-36B (Die #1 LDS) is "Un-Common"
VAM-36A (Die #2) is Scarce to Rare (less than a dozen reported)
Die #3 is Scarce to Rare (less than a dozen reported)
Awaiting the progression placement
Die Pair #4 1878-S VAM-113 (Rare to Very rare - the DC is reported)