23 S No Breaks No Clash No File Lines

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Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1H Die Gouge 2Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1V Die Gouge US
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AQ Shallow Die Gouge B
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AQ1 Shallow Die Gouge B
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1BX Die Gouges Front Ray & Left of B
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1CO Die Gouge R
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1CP Die Gouge Ray B *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1DM Triple Die Gouges B *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1C Pitted Reverse (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1923-S VAM-1CI Pitted Obverse
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1923-S VAM-1CS Pitted obverse, Die Chip Hair Bun *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1EE Die Gouges B & Below R *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-3 Doubled Lower Reverse Rays
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-4 Doubled Right Reverse
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1DD Missing Rays Below OL *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1DF1 Shortened Reverse Rays, Die Files Lines R *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1DF2 Shortened Reverse Rays, Shortened Front Ray *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1EA Shortened Front Ray *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1EF Missing Ray Segment Below OL *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1EB Thread-Like Die Impression Front Ray *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1DN Shortened Front Rays *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AN Shortened Front Ray
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AO Short Gouge Third Tall Front Ray
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AR Missing Middle of Ray Below OFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AZ Shortened Front Two Rays
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1BD Shortened Wing Feather & Rays
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1BE Shortened Reverse Rays, Die File Lines Obverse and ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1BF Shortened Front Three Rays, Die File Lines ObverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
VAM-Delisted.jpg1923-S VAM-1CF Shortened Wing Feather & Rays (Eliminated as a LDS of VAM-1BE)
Mint Mark
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1923-S VAM-2 S/S Left
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-5 S Tilted Right
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1923-S VAM-1 Normal Die
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1AB Pitted B in LIBERTY, Counterclash Nose
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1BA Long Spike Eagle's Shoulder
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1BL Scribble lines TRVSTFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1DQ Beveled Hair Bun Edge *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1923-S VAM-1EI Shortened Rear Hair Strand, Hair Bun Gap *NEW 2014*