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B2 Reverse Design
Reverse B2: 3 mountain peaks and attached olive branch.
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2 Normal Die
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2A Spiked Tail Feather
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2B Whisker Chin
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2C Flaming Ray Die Gouge Above ONE
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2D1 Die Gouges G, R & T
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2E Die Gouge Front Rays
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2I Die Scratch W
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2J1 Die Gouges R, G, & T (Eliminated and incorporated into VAM-2D2)
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2L Shortened Reverse Ray Above Wing
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2M Die Gouge Left Wing Tip
VAM-Delisted.jpg1922-S VAM-2N Missing Reverse Rays Middle (revised to VAM-2N2)
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2N1 Die Scratch UR
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2Q Die Gouges Above A & Eagle’s Right Shoulder
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2U Die Gouge Below WE
VAM-Delisted.jpg1922-S VAM-2X Rim Cud at UN (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM) (Became VAM-2X2)
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2X1 Die Break at UN *NEW 2014*
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2X2 Rim Cud at UN (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2Z Die Scratch Hair Bun
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2AB Die gouge below AR
VAM-Delisted.jpg1922-S VAM-2AG1 Die Scratches UR (Eliminated, became VAM-2N1)
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2AI Die Gouges Front Rays
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1922-S VAM-2AJ Rim Cud OF
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-2AL Die Scratch Above 2
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-3 Tripled Reverse (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)Pcgsvam.jpgNgcvam.jpg
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-5 Doubled Eagle’s Neck and Wing
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-5A Doubled Eagle’s Neck & Wing, Missing Rev. Rays (Elite 30 Peace Dollar VAM)
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-7 Doubled Reverse
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-8 Doubled Rays Right Reverse
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-12 Ray Thru Mountain
Camera.jpg1922-S VAM-13 Ray Thru Mountain
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White camera Black Border04112011.jpg
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg