21 Thru 1F

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Obverse Progression

this is a working page if you have the coins then feel free to post the appropriate picture here
1883-O VAM-21 Dbld 18.jpg
1- 1883-O VAM-21 No Clashing on Obverse or Reverse
2- 1883-O VAM-21A Single Clashed obv and reverse n, m
Then Obverse was changed out to
3- 1883-O VAM-1F3 Has no Clash Obv, single clash rev m
4- 1883-O VAM-1F2 Double Clash Obv and Rev n, e,u,s, rev m
Possible other Doubled 18 Combinations
1883-O VAM-23


1883-O VAM-23B


1883-O VAM-35


possible reverse progression
feel free to ad photos or input based on reverse features
you can delete or remove to another page but these areas tell the story
if you have these coins send me a file and I will be glad to look at your LFCP instead of the ones on the page
these are in no particular order just calling your attention to certain areas of the coin with evidence of die wear