1928-P VAM-1

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1928-P VAM-1 Normal Die

1 II 1 - B2a (Normal Die) (?) I-1 R-3
Obverse II1 - Normal Die of II type.
Reverse B2a - Normal Die of B2 type.

1. Four genuine die pairs are known. While the following charateristics are likely too minor for separate VAM listings, they may serve to aid in authentication.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Die 1 - a short scratch is perpendicular to the end of the short ray right of the B of LIBERTY.
28 dp1 scratch.jpg Ja28-die1-marker.jpg
Die 2 - an oval shaped swirl of polishing lines is located to the right of the B of LIBERTY.
This is the VAM 2 marriage.
28 dp2 swirl b.jpg
Die 3 - a short diagonal gouge is found at the back of Liberty's hair. This became VAM-3.
28 dp3 gouge.jpg
Die 4 - a pattern of polish lines may be seen emerging from the lower inner portion
of the E in LIBERTY.
28 dp4 lines e.jpg
Credible authentication and certification is strongly recommended.

Full Coin Photos

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Currently there is no census by die pair.