1926-S VAM-3X

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1926-S VAM-3X Die File Lines Y

Discovery 2017, Kurt R. Johnson
3X II1 - B2c (Die File Lines Y) I-2 R-5
Obverse II1 - Vertical die file lines at RTY with heaviest at Y in attempt to remove die crack.
Reverse B2c - Usual light vertical die fie lines from eagle's right shoulder down to olive branch to remove die clash marks.

1. “Medium high S m/m. Unlisted die file lines from RTY to die crack below Y in attempt to remove clash marks at R and crack below Y. Light die file lines in rev rt field not listable…” – LVA


LVA Plate Photos:

KRJ 1926S V3X Leroy1 072217.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

Full Discovery Coin photo VAM-3X on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Kurt R. Johnson and attributed by Leroy Van Allen
KRJ 1926S V3X Obv 230717.jpg
KRJ 1926S V3X Rev 230717.jpg