1926-S VAM-3V

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1926-S VAM-3V Medium High S, Shortenend Rays, Beveled Obverse Fields

Discovery June 27, 2015 Brian Raines, Revised 2015 by Wali Motorwalla
3V II 1 • B2a (Medium High S, Shortenend Rays, Beveled Obverse Fields) I-3 R-5
Obverse II 1 - Overpolished portions of die to remove clash marks at forehead and nose with shortened front two rays near hair. Beveled fields at front rays, mouth, and below chin.
Reverse B2a - Some light die file lines at die clash marks.

1. Die file lines are pretty heavy at front of eagle's shoulder into UNUM. Additional die file lines above and below DOLLAR. Some light clash marks remain between olive leaves and into the field between the rays, and a small clash remnant shows at the shoulder to the right of eagle's neck. Obverse - die polish and die file liens n front of eye, below hair in back of neck down to TR, die file lines on neck just below hair running S-SE. More obvious polishing below jaw and in front of neck above portrait and in front of forehead. Some clash marks still show in front of forehead and above last four rays to the right.


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