1926-S VAM-2K

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1926-S VAM-2K High S, Rays on Top of Mountain

Discovery 2015
2K ll 1 *B2b (High S, Rays on Top of Mountain) I-3 R-5
Obverse ll 1 - Shallow diagonal die clash in front of eye. Die file lines in front of forehead and below R.
Reverse B2b - Heavy die file lines in fields with shortened ray above eagle's left wing end. Rays strengthened at die clash marks to right of olive leaves with two rays engraved to extend on top of left mountain.

1. LVA notes-Has unlisted two rays engraved to extend over left mountain on rev. similar to VAM 2I but has unlisted die clash mark at eye like 3J & no thread like impression in hair of 2I, plus no die file lines below L of 2I.
2. Not 3J since has high S m/m & doesn't have doubled 6 top and no die crack at Liberty head truncation. Also doesn't have die file lines OVER left wing end of 3J whereas your coin has relatively clear design at wing end. an INTERESTING case of excess file lines and engraving by SF mint!


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