1926-S VAM-2C2

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1926-S VAM-2C2 High S, With Missing Wing Feathers, Shortened Rays, File Lines Right Obverse

Discovery August, 2010 by Brian Raines. Formerly VAM-2E - revised 2014 davidkclose
2C2 E II 1 B2b (High S, With Missing Wing Feathers, File Lines Right Obverse) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1- Heavy die file lines at right field in attempt to remove long crack from T in Liberty down thru RV of TRVST. Die 2 - Later second die without polishing lines.
Die marker - Tiny die chip in field at hair front.
Reverse B2b - Die chip at top right of D in Dollar. Early die polished state with die file lines at DOLLA, right of olive branches, eagle's shoulder, at top of eagle's left shoulder and at middle of eagle's left wing with feathers missing from die files. Earlier die state than 2C1 with less die file lines on left reverse.

1. LVA note-"has high S m/m_ missing wing feathers plus die chip at D in Dollar of 2C pictured in 2005 supplement as 2E. Formerly 2E was eliminated since EDS of 2C. Yes, has unlisted heavy die file lines on rt field of obv in attempt to remove die crack. So made your coin 2C2 of late die state. Pretty heavy die file lines! 2C has so many different die file sequences not sure of their order unless see sequence of coins. "

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/70030114

LVA Plate Photos:

TB1926SV2C2PLATE.jpg 1926-S VAM-2E Die Chip D.jpg

1926-S VAM-2E Die File Lines.jpg 1926-S VAM-2E Missing Wing Feathers.jpg

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