1926-P Quick Reference

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1926-P VAMs Quick Reference

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White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1926-P VAM-1 Normal Die
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-1A Die Break Edge of Eagle’s Wing Elite 30
1926 vam1A-2.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-1B Shortened Reverse Ray
1926-P VAM-1B Shortened Ray.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-1C1 Die Gouge Below G
1926P 1C 2.JPG
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-1C2 Die Gouge Below G, Die Break Below UNUM
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-2 Doubled Olive Branches (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1926-P VAM-2 DoubledOliveLeavesAndBranches.jpgKER 1926 P VAM2 3.jpg.jpg
Die 2 Markers
1926-P VAM-2 ThreadLikeImpression.jpg1926-P VAM-2 DieFileLinesTRVST.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-2A Doubled Olive Branches, Small Rim Breaks IN (Top 50 Peace Dollar Vam)Pcgsvam.jpgNgcvam.jpg
KER 1926 P VAM2A 2.jpg.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-3 Doubled 6Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1926-P VAM-3 Dbld 6 Initials.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-3A Doubled 6 Die Gouge V
1926-P VAM-3A PLATE 25 OCT 2010.jpg
White camera Black Border04112011.jpg1926-P VAM-4 Doubled Hair
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-4A Doubled Hair, Die Gouge Below VFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1926-P VAM-4A PLATE 25 OCT 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-5 Doubled Right Reverse Rays
DKC 1926 VAM 5.jpgDKC 1926 VAM 5 rays.jpg
Camera.jpg1926-P VAM-6 Doubled Olive Leaves
1926-P VAM-6 Dbld Olive Leaves2.jpg1926-P VAM-6 Dbld Olive Leaves1.jpg