1925-S VAM-9

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1925-S VAM-9 Mint Mark Tilted Left

Discovery March 2008
9 II 1 . B2i (S Tilted Left, Doubled DOL) I-2 R-5
Obverse II 1 - Die 1- Fine short vertical polishing line at lip front and vertical polishing lines between last two right rays. Die 2-Fine short diagonal polishing line at top of long ray between B-E.
Reverse B2i - Micro I S mint mark tilted left at normal height. Some specimens show circular strike-thru on second and third rays from bottom below tail feathers. Very slight doubling on couple upper olive leaves on lower edge, DOL at bottom edge and back of rear two leg feathers.

1. Most examples of VAM-9, including the discovery coin, have a circular strike through in the rays below the tail feathers.


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