1925-S VAM-8

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1925-S VAM-8 Doubled Middle Olive Leaves & Talons

Discovered by David Close. Revised 2011.
8 II 1 B2h (Doubled Middle Olive Leaves & Talons) I-2 R-4
Obverse II1 - Die 1 - Some light die polishing lines in left and right field.
Die 2 - Some light die polishing lines in left and top fields different than Die 1.
Die marker - Short horizontal line to right of first right long ray to right of B in LIBERTY.
Reverse B2h- Slightly doubled lower edge of upper olive, middle olive leaves, lower edge of middle and right talon and bottom edge of rear leg feathers.



LVA Plate Photos:

1925-S VAM-8 Dbld Olive Leaves.jpg

Additional Photos:

Ben-VAM8MM.jpg Ben-VAM8leg.jpg
Secondary markers: *Mint mark position:
Here is the comparison of mint marks for VAMs 6, 8, and 10:
There is a thin die scratch across the top of the "U" in PLURIBUS and a thin diagonal die scratch within the "U."
The obverse of the VAM 8 is shared with the VAM 9 (obverse die 1). There is a thin die scratch on Liberty's lip and polishing lines in the spaces between the three tiara rays on the right.
Ben-VAM8lip.jpg Ben-VAM92raylines.jpg Ben-VAM8BU.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Later die state coins develop several die cracks on the reverse.