1925-P VAM-1T

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1925-P VAM-1T Shortened and Missing Reverse Rays

Revised by Michael Ash, November 2006, original VAM 5 discovery by David Close, October 1999.
This coin is a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.
1T II 1 · B2a (Shortened and Missing Reverse Rays) I-4 R-6
Reverse B2a– Heavy die file lines in left and right fields to remove die clash marks with shortened top three rays at eagle’s left wing, shortened two rays above D in DOLLAR and missing top ray below eagle’s tail feathers. Tear drop counter clash mark to right of eagle’s right shoulder from neck-hair junction initial clash mark from slight rotated reverse and double clash.

1. VAM-5 was eliminated, and became 1925-P VAM-1T


LVA Plate Photos:

1925-P VAM-1T Counterclash Shoulder.jpg

Additional Photos:

Polished reverse that has removed a ray from below the eagle's tail.
1925 vam5 a.jpg
Note the polishing lines above DOLLAR & slightly rotated reverse
1923p vam5 d.jpg
It appears the polishing was done to remove some evidence of a major die clash. There are still clash marks on the
Above LA of DOLLAR.
1925p vam5 h.jpg
Another clash can be seen next to the Eagle's shoulder:

1925p vam5 i.jpg

Ja25P-V1T- diag-b-rays.jpg Ja25P-V1T- wing-clash.jpg

Ja25P-V1T- short-rays-DO.jpg Ja25P-V1T- missing-ray.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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