1924-P VAM-5A Die Progression

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1924-P VAM-5A Wing Break

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Die Progression Compiled by PeaceVamJunkie
The 1924-P VAM-5A is a (B2a) reverse Peace dollar noted by the 3 mountain peaks on the lower reverse. A very sought after and TOP50 variety coin, the 1924-P VAM-5A is difficult to locate in MS grades. The obverse of the coin is noted to be 1924-P VAM-5 which displays a doubled neck (the back side by TRVST) and doubled TRV (of TRVST) these letters are doubled to the right. Also the designers initials are doubled towards the bottom. There is an intermediate stage the 1924-P VAM-5B which shows polishing lines to remove clash marks, but no break had yet occurred. The 1924-P VAM-5A is noted for a wonderful break on the reverse eagle. Early die states show just a crack which forms to a break that spans the eagles neck through the eagle and across the field just above DOLLAR.The die progression for the named VAM-5 series is VAM-5, VAM-5B and finally VAM-5A.
There are # known die stages compiled by VAMworld user PeaceVamJunkie. They are as follows:
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