1923-S VAM-4A

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1923-S VAM-4A Doubled Right Reverse, Double Clash Spikes Eagle’s Shoulder

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, June 2006, Revision 2015 by David Close
4A (revised) II 1 · B2d (Doubled Right Reverse, Double Clash Spikes Eagle’s Shoulder) I-2 R-5
Obverse - Die 1 - Die clash marks below R in LIBERY with slight die polished area below R. Later die state has die crack from IN up to LI with die file lines.
Die 2 - No die clash marks at R or die cracks. Slightly beveled field and die gouge below R at hair line.
Reverse B2d– Die clash double spikes very close together up from eagle’s right shoulder from back of Liberty head on obverse. Spikes more centered over eagle’s shoulder and closer together than VAM-1AG.



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