1923-S VAM-1CF

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1923-S VAM-1CF

Discovered by Bill Toland Dec. 2011
Eliminated as it is a LDS of 1923-S VAM-1BE 2012
II1 - B2a (Shortened Wing Feather & Rays) I-2 R-6
Obverse II1 - Die file lines in front of Liberty head forehead and at R in LIBERTY.
Reverse B2a - Top middle wing feather above ONE over polished with end and missing rays below and above it. Die over polished to remove die clash marks but different than VAMs 1BD & 1BE.
Comments: Note*: Thought there may have been enough remnants of an "E" clash to list but not so. Leroy stated that die file lines may have erased 'E' but can't tell for sure if it was there originally. Also has clearly separated reverse rays that were not listed.

LVA Plate Photos

WET1923S1CF1 (800x789).jpg
WET1923S1CF2 (757x800).jpg

Additional Photos

WET1923S1CF3 (800x744).jpg
WET1923S1CF4 (800x599).jpg
WET1923S1CF5 (800x583).jpg
WET1923S1CF6 (800x599).jpg