1923-S VAM-1CC

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1923-S VAM-1CC Die Breaks IN & Y, Shortened Front Ray, Shortened Reverse Rays

Discovery 2011, revised October 2013
1CC II1 - B2a (Die Breaks IN & Y, Shortened Front Ray, Shortened Reverse Rays) I-3 R-6
Obverse II1 - Front of hair over polished with beveled field and first front ray shortened away from hair. Die crack from lower neck over thru top of 1, thru N of IN up to rim below L with displaced field break over most of the length. Die crack from hair bun thru upper vertical stem of Y over to rim to right of Y with displaced field break to right of Y.
Reverse B2a - Same reverse die as VAM 1AK2.

1. Note- Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, multiple die pairings may exist.


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