1923-S VAM-1BO

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#Top1923-S VAM-1BO Engraved Ray Over Mountain

Discovery May, 2010 by Brian Raines
(Eliminated 2014, same as VAM-1D)
1BO II 1 • B2a (Engraved Ray Over Mountain) I-4 R-6
Reverse B2a - Die clash mark right of olive leaves with vertical die file lines around it and possible engraving of rays to strengthen them. Ray on left side of middle mountain appears to have been extended thru mountain. Need confirmation of engraving with AU or Unc specimen.
Comments: Ray clearly goes thru mountain. Leroy asked to see another to see if it was done by engraving or die filing.
Threads  :http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/70030114

LVA Plate Photos

23s v1bo.jpg

Additional Photos

2 copyrighted© images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of oldcollectorcoins from a coin of Brian Raines - discovery coin
NGC 63