1923-S VAM-1BM

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1923-S VAM-1BM Obverse Clash and Heavy Die File Lines Reverse

Discovered by Brian Raines 2010.
1BM II1 - B2a (Obverse Clash and Die File Lines Reverse) I-2 R-5
Obverse II1 - Clash marks at forehead, ray thru E of LIBERTY, leaf clash above cap
Reverse B2a - Strong die files line from ray 3-8 (from bottom on eagle's back) and again at rays 10, 11. Odd gouge behind eagle's head and below U. More heavy die file lines in front of eagle, from beak down to DO, from D to A of DOLLAR in effort to remove clash marks.


  1. Gouge into field off the right upright of the M in UNUM on some coins


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Full coin VAM 1BM images © oldcollectorcoins from coin of Brian Raines, used with permission.