1923-P VAM-1AH

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1923-P VAM-1AH Die File Lines Upper Reverse #2, Clashed Obverse N

Discovered May 2005. Revised 2010.
1AH(revised) II 1 · B2a (Die File Lines Upper Reverse #2, Clashed Obverse N) I-3 R-5
Obverse II 1– Clashed die with incuse tip of N of UNUM from reverse showing in neck rear depression as incuse triangle opposite T of TRVST.
Reverse B2a– Heavy die files lines above eagle’s left wing and around eagle’s right shoulder and DOL in attempt to remove die clash marks.

1. Note-Different die than VAM 1AF.


LVA Plate Photos:

1923-P VAM-1AH Clashed-N.jpg 1923-P VAM-1AH ClashedRay.jpg

1923-P VAM-1AH Polishing Lines.jpg

Additional Photos:

This variety has a strong line from the middle sherif of E to the P, and two file lines that cross at the end of the ray below P. These lines extend from rim to ray tip below U, and from E to ray tip below R.
The area above the eagle wing is marked by many light file lines.
1923-P VAM-1AHepline.jpg 1923-P VAM-1AHlines.jpg

Full Coin Photos


1923-P VAM-1AH Rev.jpg