1923-D VAM-1O

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1923-D VAM-1'O' Die Chip Above 1

Discovered by Dave Borofski, October 2002.
1O II 1· B2a (Die Chip Above 1) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 1 – Small oblong die chip at top right above 1 with fine die crack extending right to neck and left to IN. LDS has break extending from L thru N down to intersecting crack from rim. Also has a break from left of I at rim, thru top right of I, thru tiara to back of hair bun. Break also from rim at 2 o'clock thru R to first long ray. Another break from rim below Y thru left of Y halfway to T. Very interesting piece.
Reverse B2a - Die polish left of eagle in field thru upper left of eagles' shoulder.



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