1923-D VAM-1C

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1923-D VAM-1C Die Break Top Left of Y

Discovered by David Close. Revised 2008.
1C (revised) II 1 · B2a (Die Break Top Left of Y) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 1– Vertical die crack thru hair strand up to Y in LIBERTY thru middle of right diagonal bar and top left of diagonal bar up to rim left of Y where it widens to a break. Small die chip above R in TRVST on late die states.
Reverse B2a - Very widely spaced die clash double spikes up from eagle's right shoulder from back of Liberty head neck on obverse with left one faint. (Formerly VAM-1AQ).



LVA Plate Photos:

1923-D VAM-1AQ Double Clash Spikes.jpg 1923-D VAM-1AQ Break Y Left 4.jpg
1923-D VAM-1AQ Die Chip R.jpg

Additional Photos:

1923-D VAM 1C Photo 1.jpg DKC 1923D VAM 1C.jpg
The "die chip."
BAU-0609101923D1CobvR.jpg BAU-0609101923D1CobvY.jpg

1923 D NGCMS63 Y 2.jpg 1923 D NGCMS63 TR.jpg
Although the description states that there are double clash spikes with the left one faint, this coin does not seem to have any trace of the second spike.
BAU-0609101923D1Crevspike.jpg BAU-0609101923D1Crevmm.jpg

1923 D NGCMS63 rev2.jpg

1923 D NGCMS63 Y.jpg 1923-d-NGCMS63-WINGcLASH.jpg

Full Coin Photos

1923 D NGCMS63 obv.jpg

1923 D NGCMS63 rev.jpg


Raw AU #2