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Over the 4th of July week I visited my in-laws in Indiana and was able to hit a new coin shop. Digging through a pile of circulated peace dollars I found two coins with the same die variety:
I found three coins I can't attribute. Before I send them to leroy, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything simple. Does anyone recognize these VAMs? Pleas edit this page or email [[1]]
1922-D Die break from 1 through neck, continuing up to the T in TRUST. Very thick from 1 to neck even though the picture doesn't show it well. Not 1922-D VAM-2Y.
1922d unk a.jpg
1922-D Die break from neck, left to the rim. Very tall break widing near the rim.
1922d unk b.jpg
1922-P Die break to the left of the neck. Not 1922-P VAM-2AN
1922p unk c.jpg