1922-S VAM-1J

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1922-S VAM-1J Long Spike Eagle’s Shoulder, Missing Reverse Rays #2

Discovered by Brian Raines, April 2006.
1J II 1 · B1a (Long Spike Eagle’s Shoulder, Missing Reverse Rays #2) I-3 R-6
Reverse B1a– Severe die clash with long vertical raised spike up from eagle’s right shoulder from back of neck of obverse up to N of UNUM. Die polishing to remove clash marks with portions of rays missing below right olive branch. More severe polishing than VAM 1B and different than VAM 5A.

1. *Note-VAM-1AB appears to be duplicate listing of 1J.


LVA Plate Photos:

WET-V1ABplate (470x475).jpg 1922-S VAM-1J Missing Rays2.jpg

1922-S VAM-1J Long Clash Spike.jpg 1922-S VAM-1J Missing Rays2.jpg

Additional Photos:

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