1922-S VAM-12A

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1922-S VAM-12A Ray Through Mountain, Missing Wing Feather

Original Discovery October 31, 2011, listed as VAM-12, delisted, and relisted as VAM-12A, August 29, 2013
12A II1 - B2G (Ray Through Mountain, Missing Wing Feather) I-3 R-5
Reverse B2g - Further die polishing with ray shortened and some missing feather portions at end of eagle's left wing.
LVA Comments: 22-S-NEW VAM 12A. original listed VAM 12 eng ray over mountain with later polishing die state that has upper wing feather end missing. so made this VAM 12A. generally don't list die polishing states, but in this case it resulted in some missing wing feathers ends. THANKS for pointing out that should be listed. (8-29-13).

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