1922-S VAM-12

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1922-S VAM-12 Ray Thru Mountain

Original Discovery as vam 13,, now VAM 12. October 31, 2011 by Brian Raines, changed to VAM 12, August 29, 2013.
12 II1 - B2a (Ray Thru Mountain) I-3 R-5
Reverse B2a - Die file lines at die clash marks. Rays strengthened at die clash marks to right of olive leaves with ray engraved thru left side of middle mountain. (Single clash mark to right of olive leaves).

1. Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, and not just by die pairing, multiple die pairings may exist.
2. Update from Leroy Van Allen, 8-29-13. 22S-VAM 12. Same egnr ray over mountain as listed for VAM12 with same polishing lines nearby. Ealier die state of upper rev polishing lines. no polishing lines at upper wing feather yet and feather not yet missing. So is basic VAM 12.


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