1922-P VAM-5C

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1922-P VAM-5C Rusted Face, Tripled Olive Leaves

Discovery 2011
This is a sub-variety of the Vam 5, a Top 50 Peace Dollar VAM.
5C II1 - B2c (Rusted Face, Tripled Olive Leaves) I-2 R-6
Obverse II1 - Raised dots and splotches from rusted die on cheek, neck and above date. Faint vertical die gouge above and below G in GOD.
Different die than VAMs 5, 5A & 5B.
Reverse B2c - Die maker - Die wear lines through E in ONE. Same die as VAMs 5 & 5A. Latest die state.
1- (NO OPINIONS PLEASE) The 5C starts with the basic coin, the VAM 5 and the VAM 5's tripled reverse. [This photo is from a VAM 5C and the arrows point to some of the tripling that can be found on the reverse. CLM 05/22/2010] VAM 5C DIE STAGES: None.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1922 VAM 5C Photo 3.jpg
The VAM 5C does not have the defined gouge through the G...but, the area can be identified and, in this photo, the famed orange peel finish is showing under the D WE of the motto.
1922 VAM 5C Photo 6.jpg
The reverse does not seem to show on this example the break of the VAM 5B....but, there may well be traces of the break.
1922 VAM 5C Photo 5.jpg
1922 VAM 5C Photo 1.jpg
1922 VAM 5C Photo 4.jpg
While the skin of the face is pitted, there is a possibility the damage hides the metal chip of the VAM 5A Scarface.
1922 VAM 5C Photo 2.jpg
The reason the coin has its own following and a clear identification is the massive die damage at the neck.
Here is a photo of the discovery coin, which is the early die state
DKC 1922 VAM 5C.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo and attribution by PEACEMAN (PCGS MS64)

As of 8/2013 this 2011 listing has not been around long enough to to judge its abundance.