1922-P VAM-1F Die Progression

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1922-P VAM-1F Field Die Break

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Die Progression Compiled by Peaceman.
The 1922-P VAM-1F is an early design Peace dollar, noted by the 2 mountain peaks on the reverse (B1a reverse) instead of 3 peaks for later Peace dollars. A very sought after and TOP50 variety coin, the 1922-P VAM-1F is difficult to locate in any grade. There are currently 8 known die states compiled by VAMworld user Peaceman. The obverse being insignificant, but the reverse of this coin displays a wonderful field break through the rays to the right of the eagle. The latest examples display a break that touches 6 separate rays.
This progression isn't yet complete according to Peaceman. He believes there to be another stage after the 3rd.
Stage 1: Only crack
Stage 2: 1 blob between 2 rays
Stage 3: 1.5 blobs
Stage 4: 2.5 blobs
Stage 5: 2.5 blobs + .5 blob north
Stage 6: 2.5 blobs + 1 Blob north
Stage 7: 4 full blobs
Stage 8: 5 full blobs
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