1922-D VAM-1AB

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#Top1922-D VAM-1AB Gouged 2

Discovery 2010
(1AB eliminated became VAM-5A 11/2010)
1AB II1 - B1a (Gouged 2) I-5 R-6
Obverse II1 - Wide die gouge thru top loop of right 2 continuing up to neck truncation and emerging at back edge of upper neck.
Comments: Leroy likes this one!!
WOW! Really has a long & wide die gouge from top of rt. 2. It goes thru top loop of 2 up to neck bottom & continues at back of upper neck. One of the longest die gouges on Peace $ & pretty wide at a strategic & noticeable place! Deserves an I-5 rating. Must be pretty rare with such a large gouge not reported before.

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