1922-D VAM-12

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1922-D VAM-12 Doubled Reverse Rays

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, February 2000. Revised 2008. Revised 2019.

12(revised)II 1 B1c (Doubled Reverse Rays) I-2 R-5
Obverse II 1 -
Die 1 Die marker - Single long vertical die polishing line from nose to chin in field.

Reverse B1c- Back of eagle's neck slightly doubled. Hub doubling of ray below D in DOLLAR and ray below and three rays above E in ONE on left side and ray below and three rays above ONE on left side. Lines at E in PEACE are in hub.
Die 1 Die marker - No good die markers on EF coin with worn die.


1. 5/2016 - Present on all B1 reverse dies

1. LVA Revision Letter

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1922-D-12-jbc-rev1.jpg 1922-D-12-jbc-obv1.jpg

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