1921-S VNA varieties

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1921-S VAM not assigned varieties
Here is the comps for you Crae.

1921-S VAM-1AA Die File Lines Left Obverse and Top Right Reverse????????

1921 S VAM1AA12345COMP.jpg
Leroy Examined this 1921-S in July 2008 and noted the gouge through the S of STATES was too shallow and faint to list.
1921s vna rj a.jpg
Same coin has die polish around the exterior. Shown below are lines around the mint mark area.
1921s vna rj1 b.jpg
Check out the "vampire teeth" effect off the lower bars of the 1's in the date. This is not uncommon to find on 1921-S coins. Leroy says that this effect is due to heavy die wear.
1921 S flowingdate.jpg
This next 21-S VNA variety has clash marks in the normal places, but the "Raised curved line in lower rt hair vee is likely die crack & not incuse clashed st," per Leroy. There are no other potential clashed letters, which are typically the key to having a clashed variety listed. Leroy also comments, "Faint polishing lines on rev not visible enough to list."
1921-S VNA vee hair break.jpg
1921-S VNA die file lines ICA.jpg
Here is a third 1921-S VNA. This one is a scribbling scratches variety. Leroy notes, "Unfortunately scribbling lines at leg way too faint to get a clear photo. Strong on upper TF & wing-body but need some at leg to list.":
1921-S VNA centralized scribbles.jpg
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