1921-S VAM-9A

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1921-S VAM-9A Doubled Profile & Left Stars, Missing S

Discovered by Rob Joyce, October 2004.
9A IV 6 D2a (Doubled Profile & Left Stars, Missing S) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a - Weakly struck lower wreath with S mint mark virtually missing.
1- See also 21-S Filled Mint Marks. FDMM 5
2- The mint mark for 9A is in the same place as the VAM-1BF and is also known with a filled mint mark, but the two coins are different.

LVA Plate Photos

1921-S VAM-9A Very Weak S.jpg

Additional Photos


Doubled profile of VAM 9/9A is stronger than that of VAM 1BF. (Discovery coin shown)

Doubling on upper lip and below nose is rather faint. (Discovery coin shown)

Left stars doubled. These are stars 6 and 7. (Discovery coin shown)

Small chip above lower left point of 2nd right star. (Discovery coin shown)

Filled S mint mark positioned slightly to the right. (Discovery coin shown)

Doubling on ER of AMERICA toward rim. (Discovery coin shown)

Scribble scratch pattern. Two left speed bumps" are weak and incomplete. (Discovery coin shown)"

Scratch to the left of the A in AMERICA. (Discovery coin shown)

Scratch or faint die crack below the N of ONE. (Discovery coin shown)