1921-S VAM-28

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1921-S VAM-28 Doubled Obv. Motto, Over Polished Wings

Discovery May 2008 in memory of Roland W. Directo Sr.
28 IV 19 - D2a (Doubled Obv. Motto, Over Polished Wings)(189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 19- Slightly doubled left stars towards rim, E PLUR towards coin center and E PLU UNUM (RIBUS weakly struck) on right side.
Reverse D2a- Eagle's left and right wings over polished in centers and at eagle's right leg. No scribbling die scratches present.

1. No scribbling die scratches
2. Obverse Die shows minor erosion around perimeter of rim and stars towards the rim


LVA Plate Photos:

1921-S VAM-28 DoubledMotto.JPG 1921-S VAM-28 OverpolishedWing1.JPG
1928-S VAM-28 OverpolishedWing.JPG 1921-S VAM-28 OverpolishedLeg.JPG

Additional Photos:

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