1921-S VAM-26

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1921-S VAM-26 Tripled Left Stars Doubled Right Reverse

26 IV 17 • D2a (Tripled Left Stars Doubled Right Reverse) (189) I-2, R-5
Obverse IV 17 – Slightly tripled left stars towards rim and lower edge of both 1’s upper crossbar. Doubled right stars towards rim and bottom of 92 loops. Slightly doubled tops of RIBUS UNUM towards rim.
Reverse D2a – Slightly doubled ES OF AMERICA DOLLAR and right star towards rim. No scribbling die scratches.
1- Based on March 2008 discovery of 1921-S VAM-26A with a significant die crack VAM-26 is presumed to exist.

LVA Plate Photos

21S VAM26A Doubled Right Stars.jpg

Additional Photos