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1921-S VAM-1L Die wear lines above STATES

Discovered by John Wilson, March 2005. Discovered by Brian Raines (who outbid Rob Joyce on the discovery coin)
1L IV 1 · D2a (Die Wear Lines Above STATES) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a– Raised lines from denticle edges into field above STATES due to die wear and slightly tilted die.
1- Raised lines from denticle edges into the field above STATES Named "Rain Over STATES" by its discoverer. Leroy Van Allen thinks the reverse die was slightly out of level and tilted towards STATES, causing metal flow toward the center of the coin when the denticles were struck earlier than the rest of the coin. An alternative theory is that this unique wear could be due to San Fransisco Mint not striking up the center of coins for 21S causing more wear at the peripheral.
2- In contrast, the denticles by "DOLLAR" are not fully struck. While die erosion isn't normally cause for a VAM listing, Leroy indicates that this coin "is so different that it is an unusual case visible to the naked eye and needs to be listed!".
3- Very similar to VAM-1Y, but two lines per denticle. This is a VAM opportunity in 1921-S, and further discoveries along this path should be looked for. Mr. Van Allen's latest idea is that one of the presses at the mint could have been mis-aligned.

LVA Plate Photos

1921 S VAM 1L Lines Above STATES.jpg

Additional Photos

1921s vam1F.jpg
One coin has strong strike doubling on the obverse profile and lips. Use these markers to confirm the obverse:
1921-S VAM-1L Obverse Markers.jpg
Ja21S-1L-A.jpg Ja21S-1L-T.jpg
Ja21S-1L-E.jpg Ja21S-1L-S.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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