1921-S VAM-1CS

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1921-S VAM-1CS

Discovery November, 22, 2014, Brian Raines
1CS- IV I* D2a (Over Polished Reverse) (189) I-3 R-6
Reverse D2a - Over polished die with vertical die file lines in fields that weakened center of both wings, upper and lower tail feathers, wreath berries and leaves at N in ONE and S mint mark very shallow and weak. (and no scribbles at leg).
LVA Comments:
1- "1921s has VERY SEVERE over polished reverse-almost removed S mint mark!" "Very overpolished reverse with vertical file lines in fields. Weak wing centers, upper TF & lower TF, berries & leaves at N of ONE & very shallow and weak s m/m. Doesn't match VAMs 1AK, 1BV, 1CF, 1CI. no scribbles at leg."-Leroy Van Allen.
2- See VAM-1CN for comparisons

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