1921-S VAM-1B6b

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1921-S VAM-1B6b Thorn Head Die Gouge, Die State 10

This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM
1B6b IV 1 D2a (Thorn Head Die Gouge, Die State 10) (189) I-5 R-6
Obverse IV 1 - Tenth die gouge state. Shallow gouge back of cap between NU polished again making it short faint spike.
LVA Comment:
2017 Revision - VAM-1B6b formally VAM-1B6. Normal 1B6 without die gouge or spike extending at back of cap. So made this new 1B6b and an R-6 with additional polishing that made cap gouge just a short spike. Amazing all die gouges and polishing on this one OBV die.

1. While rare in its own right, VAM-1B6b is the most common of the thornhead series.
2. This coin is one of the known die states of the VAM-1Bx Thornhead progression. There is an overview here.
3. (PCGS MS # 413043)


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Highest graded PCGS MS65 (formerly NGC MS65).
PCGS coins labled "1B Thornhead" without a die state designation are likely 1B6.