1921-S VAM-1B6a

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1921-S VAM-1B6a Thorn Head Die Gouge, Die State 9

Discovery 2016 Russell James
1B6a IV 1 D2a (Thorn Head Die Gouge, Die State 9) (189) I-5 R-7
Obverse IV 1- Ninth die gouge state with die excessively polished removing most of die gouges in fields. Die gouges in cap, in denticles above N and in denticles below second right star remain. Faint die gouge remains to right and left of right wheat leaf, in top loop of B, back of cap beteewn NU and in denticles near fourth left star. Later die state shows faint die clash line at neck. Shallow shorter die gouge back of cap between NU.
Reverse D2a - Die gouge between E and D and spike below eagle's left wing edge remain. Later die state shows vertical clash line below n.

1. VAM 1b6a (revised) Die polish sequence. Removed most of gouges in fields. Yes has slight shallow remnants of gouge at cap edge below N in UNUM. That long of a remnant isn't in current 1b6 listing. Cant be associated with 1b5 since that state is new "die damage sequence". However, all other gouges have been removed or greatly shortened as in 1b6. So made this die state revised 1B6a and an R-7.
2. Note: Pre-polishing die state of the former VAM-1B6


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