1921-S VAM-1B6

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1921-S VAM-1B6 Thorn Head

Discovered by Michael S. Fey, March 2002, Revised 2011
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM
1B6 (revised) IV 1 D2a (Thorn Head Die Gouge, Die State 8) (189) I-5 R-6
Obverse IV 1 - Ninth die gouge state with die extensively polished removing most of die gouges in fields. Die gouges in cap, in denticles above N and in denticles below second right star remain. Faint die gouge remains to right and left of right wheat leaf, in top loop of B, back of cap between NU and in denticles near fourth left star.
Reverse D2a - Die gouge between E and D and spike below eagle's left wing edge remain.
1- While rare in its own right, VAM-1B6 is the most common of the thornhead series.
2- This coin is one of 10 known die states of the VAM-1Bx Thornhead progression. There is an overview here.
(PCGS MS # 413043)
Note the VAM-1B6 is revised and is now VAM-1B6b
No LVA Plate Photo:

Additional Photos

This variety has most of the thornhead die gouges removed but still has lots of interesting features.. Right side of the cotton leaf polished down.
1921s vam1b1a.jpg
Polished open wheat leaf, small gouge in the wheat leaf.
1921 s vam1b6 dg wheat.jpg
Small spike on the reverse emerging from the wingfeathers above the arrowheads.
1921 s vam1b6 dg tf.jpg
Reverse die gouge D of DOLLAR
1921 s vam1b6 dg d.jpg
Obverse gouge in denticles over the N in UNUM.
1921 s vam1b6 dg n.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-1B6 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©'[Heritage Auctions] A'TTRIBUTED BY John Roberts at ANACSANACS LOGO3.jpg

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Highest graded PCGS MS65 (formerly NGC MS65).
PCGS coins labled "1B Thornhead" without a die state designation are likely 1B6.