1921-S VAM-15B

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1921-S VAM-15B

Revised 2014 nickcapuano
15B (revised) IV 1•D2i (Die Break Lower Loop of Rt. S in STATES, Clashed Obverse n, Scribbling Die Scratches) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 1- Die 2-Horizontal die polishing lines at top of cotton leaves. Clashed die with faint incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck.
Reverse D2i - Scribbles at leg faint from die wear.
Former VAM-1M2
LVA Comments:
1- Leroy letter with official description listed reverse die as D2i and this page had it listed as D2a.
Leroy's Notes on the Coin Reviewed for the Revision:
Die 2 Obv with horizontal lines at top of cotton leaves. Scribbles weak at leg so has to be later die state than 15A. Earlier die stat than 15C which has polished dies to remove clash marks & clashed n. So revised 15B to include clashed letter n that is different than 15D & 15E Clashed I. So this coin shows reason for 15C die Polishing.
1- Bean Bottom S variety. Please check all die stages of the V15 for correct attribution:VAM-15A, VAM-15B, VAM-15C, VAM-15D, VAM-15E.
2- Also, the G in God has a die chip in the 15B LDS stage that is not present in the EDS stage.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

1921-S VAM-15B (the original VAM-1M2):
The 15B is created by the change to a new obverse die. The 15B has the reverse late die state features of the VAM-15A, including the bean bottom S in STATES and the polishing lines around the reverse motto (however, the reverse does not have the super crazy polishing that will follow on the VAM-15C).
1921-S VAM-1M2 reverse motto polishing lines.jpg
The new obverse initially does not have polishing lines around the neck area as did the obverse of the 15A LDS, however, a specimen has surfaced (August 2012) that does have polishing lines in this area, though they are of course distinct from those on the 15A LDS (which uses a different obverse).
1921-S VAM-1M2 obverse neck.jpg
These die scratches in the lower neck of the new obverse die are very distinctive:
1921-S VAM-1M2 obverse die scratches lower neck.jpg
The new obverse die also has some distinctive die polishing lines in LIBERTY and under the cap fold that are distinguishable on the 15B, 15C, and 15D.
1921-S VAM-1M2 LIBERTY polishing lines.jpg
These polishing lines are crisp on the 15B EDS, but fade a bit by the time 15B LDS and 15C are minted:
1921-S VAM-1M2 obverse scratches.jpg
1921-S VAM-15B LDS (existence discovered Feb 2009 - not submitted to Leroy):
This stage has some new, light polishing lines on the reverse in and around "In God We Trust" and in other areas. This stage also shows a clash mark "bump" over the eagle's right wing. This clash likely prompted the new polishing, which occurred before the major polishing of the 1921-S VAM-15C.
Clashing under "n":
1921-S VAM-1M2 LDS clash bump.jpg
New polishing lines at motto that "erase" the previous ones shown above for the 15B EDS (and 15A LDS):
1921-S VAM-1M2 LDS new polishing.jpg
1921-S VAM-1M2 LDS new polishing2.jpg
New tiny die crack within left wreath:
1921-S VAM-1M2 LDS new tiny crack.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Plate Photo by VSS on coin owned by Nick Capuano:

VAM-1M2 Discovery Coin (the EDS one shown above) is approx MS 63 and in a VARslab holder.
VAM-1M2 LDS (shown above) is PCGS 64. Another AU example is known, though there are likely many out there.
Vam 15B LDS PCGS 62
Vam 15 B PCGS 63