1921-S VAM-15A

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Discovered May 2005.
15A(revised) IV 1•D2i (Die Break Lower Loop of Rt. S in STATES, Scribbling Die Scratches) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 1- Die 1-Slightly tripled 5-7 left stars and W PL towards rim. Light polishing lines in front of neck on some specimens.
Die Marker- Die roughness and pitting in hair behind jaw-neck junction. (Over-polished designer's initial M. Formerly 1921-S VAM-1M)
Reverse D2i- Bean shaped die break at lower inside of bottom loop of right S in STATES. Some specimens show light die file lines in upper reverse fields. ((Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg and between eagle’s left wing and body.)) - this was not included in a 2014 leroy description.Die Marker- Horizontal die scratches on third from bottom outer feather near inner feathers of eagle’s left wing.
1- Obverse description may have changed in 2014 die study to exclude the above text in question in ().
2- Leroy listed reverse die as D2i and the page had it listed as 2Da. 2014T
3- This is a Bean Bottom S variety. Make sure to check all of the die stages of the 1921-S VAM-15 to be sure you have a correct attribution:1921-S VAM-15A, 1921-S VAM-15B, 1921-S VAM-15C, 1921-S VAM-15D, 1921-S VAM-15E.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

1921-S VAM-1M1 bean bottom s.jpg
Scribbling scratches tailfeathers:
1921-S VAM-1M1 scribbling scratches 1.jpg
Additional field scribbles to the left of the right leg feathers:
1921-S VAM-1M1 scribbling scratches 2.jpg
Some specimens will show die polishing lines in the field at the obverse neck and below jaw:
1921-S VAM-1M1 neck polishing lines.jpg
At least one specimen shows a long obverse die scratch under the UM of UNUM:
1921-S VAM-1M1 line below UNUM.jpg
A later state of the VAM-15A shows some reverse polishing lines around the motto. Note that a die polishing line between the "e" and "t" has what seems to be a tiny vertical break. (*note: This feature survives into the early die state of the 1921-S VAM-15B, so if you have this feature, also check for the 15B):
1921-S VAM-1M1 reverse motto polishing lines.jpg
Additional polishing lines near the F in OF on this later die state of the VAM-15A are shown for reference:
1921-S VAM-1M1 reverse motto polishing lines 2.jpg