1921-P filled dies

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1921-P Filled Dies

There are many examples of filled dies in 1921. The most desirable examples have a completely filled letter missing from the design.
This is the -START- of a list of known filled dies. Please continue to add to the list.
List by VAM number
1921-P VAM-14 Filled O of GOD
1921-P VAM-14A some show filled "r" in "Trust"
1921-P VAM-25 Filled NE of ONE
1921-P VAM-1AJ Filled "e trus" of "In God we trust"
1921-P VAM-3BO Filled W of We
List by Obverse Fill Location
1921-P Filled W of We can be found on 1921-P VAM-3BO
List by Reverse Fill Location
O of GOD - 1921-P VAM-14
Unlisted filled "e" of "We" on 16-berry reverse 21-P Morgan. The "e" is shallower than the photo implies. Scribbling scratches also seem to be unlisted. This page here is temporary home for these photos as a convenience to the researcher. If you find another one of these, please send Crae a message:
1921-P unlisted filled e and scribbles photo2.jpg

1921-P unlisted filled e and scribbles photo1.jpg

1921-P unlisted filled e and scribbles photo3.jpg

1921-P unlisted filled e and scribbles photo4.jpg

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