1921-P VNA varieties

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1921-P VAM not assigned varieties

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For two more 1921-P scribbles VNA varieties, check out the 1921-P VAM-39A or 1921-P VAM-42. In each case the scribbles were insufficient to list.
Coin #1
VAM-1 - Polishing lines too isolated & weak
There is a long polishing line/gouge in the eagle's upper right wing:
The only crack on the coin is a long one from the R in DOLLAR that goes well into the lower right wreath:
Die scratch on the obverse by the cotton leaf and some small lines in the T bar.
Ja-dh-v1-ty.jpg Ja21p-d1-chip-jr1.jpg
Coin #2
Coin #3
Coin #4
Here is a VAM3 with "polishing patch at OF on rev with some fine vertical polishing lines there. The polishing lines are pretty localized & not readily visible to the naked eye, so not something we would list. Needs to be strong die file lines over most of upper, left, or rt fields visible to naked eye to list".
ARS 1921 P VAM3VNA 1.jpg

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