1921-P VAM-94

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1921-P VAM-94

Discovery 2015
94 IV 23 - D1a (Tripled 9 & Stars) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 23 - Lower outside of 9 upper loop, all left stars and right stars very slightly tripled towards rim. Die marker - IR variety 7 with fine horizontal polishing lines at junction of jaw and neck and polishing line at bottom between rear divided ear. Same obverse die as VAM 29 infrequently reeded, but EDS.
Reverse D1a - No scribbling die scratches at eagle's right leg. Die marker - Horizontal polishing line on left side of seventh feather from bottom of eagle's left wing. Same reverse die as VAM 29 infrequently reeded but EDS.
As this is an early die stage of the VAM 29 obverse and reverse dies, but with normal collar, this eliminates the possibility that the infrequently reeded coins were the first struck in 1921, and establishes the VAM 29 as the first infrequently reeded die pair.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

Scratch inside rear division of ear. (Discovery coin shown.)

Horizontal die scratch in eagle's left wing. (Discovery coin shown.)

EDS die scratch in field through O of OF, will be worn away on VAM 29. (Discovery coin shown.)

Dashes in field above N of ONE. (Discovery coin shown.)

Heavy polishing lines through cotton bolls. (Discovery coin shown.)

3rd left star, showing extent of tripling on stars. (Discovery coin shown.)

Doubling and tripling on 9. (Discovery coin shown.)

Full Coin Photos

Full coin photos copyright © 2015 John Baumgart, used with permission. Discovery coin shown.