1921-P VAM-79

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1921-P VAM-79 Doubled Hair & Profile, Scribbling Die Scratches

79 IV 60 - D1a (Doubled Hair & Profile, Scribbling Die Scratches) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse IV 60- Doubled profile from LIBERTY band down to chin, top of Phrygian cap and lower hair edge. Slightly doubled right stars towards rim.
Reverse D2a- Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg and between eagle’s left wing and body. Die marker- Heavy horizontal polishing lines in tail feathers and wreath bow.
1- [[1]]

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1921-P-79-jbc-obv1.jpg 1921-P-79-jbc-rs1.jpg
1921-P-79-jbc-rw.jpg 1921-P-79-jbc-lw.jpg
1921-P-79-jbc-tf1.jpg 1921-P-79-jbc-tf2.jpg
Another specimen by Dr. Close and Attributed by VSS
DKC1921M scirbble lines 1.jpg
Ja21-79-01.jpg Ja21-79-02.jpg
Ja21-79-04.jpg Ja21-79-05.jpg
Ja21-79-07.jpg Ja21-79-08.jpg
Ja21-v79-LIB.jpg Ja21-v79-Ndash.jpg
Ja21-v79-Rleg.jpg Ja21-v79-Lleg.jpg
21-V79-sriibbing.jpg 21-V79-wing-body.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full coin shots from Algot.Stephenson VAM-79 ATTRIBUTED BYJohn Baumgart at VSS