1921-P VAM-69A

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1921-P VAM-69A Tripled Left Stars, Doubled AMERICA, Pitted S-O

Discovered by Brandon Hicks, July 2006
69A IV 9 · D2i (Tripled Left Stars, Doubled AMERICA, Pitted S-O) (189) I-2 R-5
Reverse D2i– Raised dots from pitted die rust between S and O in STATES OF and up to denticles. Faint diagonal die scratch below second L in DOLLAR.
1- There is a lot going on with this VAM. The variety has pitting around the SO in STATES OF, tripled obverse left stars and doubling in AMERICA.

LVA Plate Photos

1921 P VAM 69A Pitted S-O.jpg1921 P VAM 69A Die Scratch L.jpg

Additional Photos

Pitting around S O in STATES OF:
1921p vam69a d.jpg

1921p vam69a a.jpg
The left obverse stars are tripled:
1921p vam69a p.jpg

1921p vam69a q.jpg
Finally, AMERICA is doubled, most noticibly in the center of the letters.
1921p vam69a j.jpg

1921p vam69a h.jpg
Below the LL of DOLLAR, there is a die scratch that could be a good diagnostic for an unpitted example (VAM-69 if it is discovered)
1921p vam69a z.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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