1921-P VAM-53

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1921-P VAM-53 Doubled & Tripled Left Stars, Die Gouge Wing-Body

Discovered By Larry Galbraith 2006. Revised 2009
This coin is a Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam.
53(revised) IV 40 · D2a (Doubled & Tripled Left Stars, Die Gouge Wing-Body) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 40 – Left stars and E-PL doubled and tripled towards rim. Both 1's slightly doubled below upper crossbar and 9 doubled below both loops. Die marker - Vertical polishing lines on neck. Late die state shows two die chips between 1_ 2 right stars.
Reverse D2a– Short tiny die gouge between eagle’s left wing and body one-quarter way down from shoulder. (Also on VAM-80 which is earlier die state.) Scribbling die scratches at leg and wing-body worn away.
1- Reverse Die shared with VAM-80 which is an earlier die state.
2- Five raised dots in curved line above third left star from impressions of outside of denticles. Spacing between dots matches denticle spacings.
(Multiple coins have shown the denticle dots -- not coin damage)

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

NESVT20120130 1921P 53 02.JPGNESVT20120130 1921P 53 04.JPG
NESVT20120130 1921P 53 06.JPGNESVT20120130 1921P 53 10.JPG
Ja53-dents.jpg Ja53-claw.jpg
Ja53-libe.jpg Ja53neck.jpg
Denticle Impressions
1921p vam53 c.jpg
There is a small horizontal die gouge between the wings and the body.
1921p vam53 d.jpg
The stars are doubled as shown in the pictures below.
1921p vam53 e.jpg
1921p vam53 a.jpg
The reverse has some interesting diagnostic cracks that may be useful to find other coins.
1921p vam53 b.jpg
NESVT20120130 1921P 53 04.JPG
26555985obverseP.jpg 26555985reverseP.jpg