1921-P VAM-5

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1921-P VAM-5

Discovered by Martin Field October 1978. Revised 2000, Revised 2016 Micheal Ash
'5(revised) IV 30 · D2a (Quadrupled Left Stars, Doubled Profile, Scribbling Scratches Cheek & Eagle's Right Leg') (189) I-4 R-5
Obverse IV 30– Slightly quadrupled left stars toward rim and lower edge of 1's top crossbar. Very slightly tripled right stars. Slightly doubled profile from forehead down to chin. Scribbling die scratches patch at back of jaw, likely to erase die crack. First case known of scribbling die scratches on 1921 obverse die.
Reverse D2a– Eagle's left wing over-polished near body. Fine die scratches in various directions on over-polished tail feathers around eagle's right leg on EDS.
1- Some specimens show small horizontal die gouge at top right of right wreath. These are now 1921-P VAM-5A.
2 - An over-polished reverse is also seen on VAM 5, VAM-3EM, VAM-3EB1, VAM-3EB2 VAM-3GH

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

The below crack extending from the stars to the date is the plate for a VAM-5. The photo is courtesy of Vampicker.
21 v5 date crack.jpg
Copyrighted© VAM-5 Images© on loan to VAMworld from John Austin
This coin is a special scribbling scratches variety with obverse scribbles. Jaw Scribbles
Ja1921-P VAM-5 chinscribble.jpg
Double left stars.
1921-P VAM-5 Stars6&7.jpg
Doubled profile
Ja1921-P VAM-x nose.jpg
Polished reverse area
Ja1921-P VAM-x OF wing.jpg
Very overpolished wing.
1921-P VAM-5 op wing.jpg
Tailfeather scribbles.
1921-P VAM-5 scribtail.jpg
Horizontal gouge below R.
1921-P VAM-5 rev gouge.jpg
Polished Berry Left Wreath
1921-P VAM-5 berry.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo VAM-5 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy [Algot.Stephenson] ATTRIBUTED BYUntitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpg